Wonderful Flowers

Lawrence Yun, Tran Nguyen, Julianna Gallardo, Brian Corder, Christy Culling, Cristina Mariotta, 2020


4x4 ft


Wonderful Flowers, has a solid black background with foliage growing in from the right and left flanks. The flowers and leaves are in the same style as The Flowers and the Birds, with white outlines, engulfed in black creating great contrast. There are three dominant parts of this composition; a large bird of paradise flower towards the top right, a large green leaf with multiple sections towards the bottom center-right and what appears to be another lotus flower in soft oranges to the center left. There are white calla lilies on both sides stretching out in multiple directions, blue orchids coming into the center from the right, small red roses spread about, multiple large earthy green leaves behind multiple flowers, and an intensely red dragon snap arcing towards the bird of paradise at the top center.

Wonderful Flowers by ART Center Resident Artists & Lawrence Yun