Jesus Quiroz & Leonardo Moleiro, 2019

Mixed Media on Canvas

16x20 in

Original $680.00

The painting, collaborated on by 2 artists, is divided by color and directional lines, yet still blends into a cohesive whole. The left half of the canvas is characterized by a pastel color palette and small blended, round strokes of white over large areas of green and pink. A zig zag line in green zaps its way down at a diagonal angle towards the bottom of the canvas. Crisp rectangular shapes jut out at various angles. The right side of the canvas is filled with stronger shades and more crisp rectangular shapes. Yellow, green, and red overlap swatches of black with blotted and vertical gestural strokes leading the eye downward. The bottom right corner is full of diagonal crisp, turquoise rectangles and a thick black line.

Untitled by Jesus Quiroz & Leonardo Moleiro