The Flowers & The Birds

Lawrence Yun, Tran Nguyen, Julianna Gallardo 2020


4x4 ft

Original $3,300.00 (Comes Framed)

The Flowers and the Birds, a collaboration with Lawrence and two resident artists, Julianna Gallardo and Tran Nguyen, features a bright red parrot with its wings spread wide. It is flying towards the top left corner as if it is going to fly out of the frame. The parrot has a yellow mid-section and blue tipped wings and takes up one quarter of the composition. Below the parrot, a humming bird with a blue green midsection and vibrant gold wings flies into the picture plane. A dark blue violet peacock pokes his head in towards the bottom right. At the top right is a soft pink rose with bits of orange and yellow poking out through the center, a yellow lotus flower at the bottom left and a purple iris that is split between the right and left flank of the composition. The background is pieced together with organic shapes soaked in earthy greens with thin rivers of black organic line, mirroring the shapes, separating the pieces. Each object is outlined in white, encompassed in the black surrounding rivers. The black line creates intense contrast in the overall piece. The birds and flowers are embedded in the background creating an overall flat composition.

The Flowers and The Birds by Tran Nguyen, Julianna Gallardo & Lawrence Yun