Me Gusta Food

Jazmin Urrea, Jat’on Ducre, Byron Stevens, Carlos Cuellar, Daniel Jacobs, Constance Rotino, Emilio Lopez, Eduardo Landa, Greco Ancona, Griselda Ramos, Jorge Bobadilla, Matthew Yost, Carlos Arredondo, Nicole Miller, Isaiah Butler, 2020

Multi-Media Installation


A multi-media, multisensory installation. Four large wooden panels, lined side by side, create a faux wall. With a bright turquoise background, the wall is filled with black and white outlines of various artists' favorite floating foods. Pizza, grapes, pie, fish, a chicken drumstick. On the wall hang iPad’s with 8 images. These images are contemporary still life’s of preferred food of various artists mixed together - cookies and coffee, tuna, corn, and ice cream, and cheese and rice. The foods are posed strategically against luxurious, colorful fabric backgrounds and dramatic lighting. Lastly, the piece is accompanied by original music inspired by the foods in the photographs playing gently in the background. 

Me Gusta Food Installation by EPI Resident Artists & Jazmin Urrea