La Abejera

Jesus Quiroz & Leonardo Moleiro, 2020

Mixed Media on Canvas

12x14 in

Original $360.00

La Abejera, meaning “the bee-keeper” in Spanish, has an overall appearance suggesting a landscape. Jesus talks about how the piece should suggest “hot or cold,” “seasons,” or “climate change.” The brushstrokes made by Jesus to create the background are painterly, showing each stroke made. At the top it appears to be either clouds or possibly snowy mountains, though after confirming with Jesus, they are indeed clouds. Up in the clouds at the top right corner, there are symbolic sunrays stretching outwards where Leo then completed the sun by adding a peachy orange circle on top of the rays. Moving downwards from the top, greenery starts to pop up from the ground with close up leaves popping into the frame and the bottom center right and what appears to be trees or flowers growing upwards from the bottom left to the center left. There is a little cartoon bee cut out sitting on top of what may be a red rose. The landscape’s abstract elements leave it up to the viewer to interpret how they wish.

La Abjera by Jesus Quiroz & Leonardo Moleiro