Clean Air, Come Out

Julianna Gallardo

Medium: Collage Photography

Digital size 11” x 14”

Date: 2020

Price:  Original $115

Description: Self portrait of artist Julianna expressing how she feels when wearing mask. This is a self-portrait of artist Julianna. Julianna created the image by taking her own photo and collaging images using Photoshop with assistance from staff. The image depicts Julianna in front of her fruit tree surrounded by leafs and flowers from her many other favorite fruit trees.


The portrait featured in black and white, represents how the artist felt when wearing a mask and feeling restricted from breathing fresh air. “Clean air” in order to be “healthy and fine” stated the artist as she continued to explain her experience and challenges when using a mask. The bright colors from nature that used to surround her seemed to be “fading” but the stoic glare the artist portrays represents how “strong” Julianna is. She overcame the “fear” of wearing a mask but still desires “clean air again” with “nature”.

Julianna Gallardo

  • Prints come unframed. Original is framed an matted.

  • Original will come matted and framed. Print is approximately 9" x 12."