Los Quince Anos De Jazmin

Jazmin Urrea

Medium: Photography

Dimensions: Original 42” x 63”

Date: 2017

Price: Original $1500-- Contact artist for original

Description: Los Quince Anos de Jazmin is a series of eleven life size self portrtaits, five Damas, five Chambelanes and the Quinceanera. Traditionally, a Quinceanera begins with attending mass chuch, the reception party which includes food, drinks, and el baile sopresa. Los Quince Anos de Jazmin captures the moment between mass and the reception party where the Quinceanera, the Damas and the Chambelanes take photos at a location, usually of her choice. The Quinceanera party is posed in front of LACMA, one of the largest institutions and tourist attactions in Los Angeles.


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Jazmin Urrea: Los Quince Anos De Jazmin Print

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