Dos Flores

Jesus Quiroz & Leonardo Moleiro, 2020

Mixed Media on Canvas

16x20 in

Original $455.00 (Comes Framed)

Dos Flores, meaning “two flowers” in Spanish, is a minimalist style artwork that juxtaposes geometric and organic forms. The off white background of the page is left untreated. Jesus provided solid black organic shapes with ink in the background while Leo embedded vivid cool geometric shapes into the black ink. The piece features three areas of concentric circles, all in different shades of blue. To the bottom left corner are two rings, one embedded into the other like a target- this is mimicked towards the top center left with another at the center right where the larger circle is a solid sky blue and the embedded ring is a slightly darker blue. Jesus’s ink strokes suggests the forms may be stems and leaves while Leo’s shapes suggest geometric abstract floral forms. On the top left flank there are peek-a-boos of black in coming into the picture plane. Moving towards the center there is a peach colored triangle with rectangular pink shapes moving downward towards the bottom of the page then another moving abruptly right, creating a 90 degree angle. Following the second rectangular shape is a deep lavender purple downward arch-like shape, trailing off the page, coming to a point as it escapes. Jesus and Leo prominently state their names at the bottom center right, claiming their collaboration with pride.

Dos Flores by Jesus Quiroz & Leonardo Moleiro