Leonardo Moleiro, 2020

Acrylic on Canvas

Original $1,800.00

Curiosidad or “Curiosity” in Spanish, is an abstract portrait constructed entirely of crisp geometric shapes, seeming to form a face. Four eye-like forms, placed at various angles, within the painting stare out at the viewer unwavering. The work appears to be divided into 4 quadrants: each forming a unique section that flawlessly unites to form the whole. The upper left quadrant utilizes several circular, rounded, and wavy forms in hues of red, blue, pink, and green. The upper right quadrant uses angled rectangular shapes contrasted with wavy forms in a very different color palette: yellow, red, orange, brown with hints of blue, pink, and purple. The bottom right quadrant continues the use of angled rectangular forms to divide the space into rays radiating across the corner. Lastly, the left lower quadrant contrasts sharply against the rest in color - muted green, beige, blues, and pinks- as well as use of negative space causing the eye-like form to starkly stand out.


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Curiosidad by Leonardo Moleiro