Artists: Lawrence (PJ) Ward III, Maria Galaviz-Arroyo, Jesus Quiroz, Satchel Hayes, Vanessa Escobedo, Tonshae Woodson, Jenny Lurvey, Norberta Corral and Ann Haber


Background/Creative Process: This guitar is a mixed-media collage piece consisting of magazine clippings, original student artwork, and some paint/water color elements. This past summer, CECA's virtual Track 2 art class collaborated on the front of this guitar over Zoom, while CECA artist Maria Galaviz-Arroyo independently collaged the back with her own artwork at home. For inspiration, CECA artists researched different nature visuals and beautiful landscapes- the artists eventually preferred to use Barbara's Lake (located in Laguna Beach, CA) as their main visual for the collage. In addition to observing different environments, our artists also took inspiration from past communal outings at CECA, back before program closure due to COVID-19. To commemorate how they felt during these outings, CECA artists decided to stick with a brighter color-scheme for this piece, as brighter colors symbolize happier emotions and memories.

CECA's Paradise Guitar