A Recycled Treasure

Aneesa Shami, Maria Galaviz-Arroyo, Norberta Corral, Lawrence Ward III, Satchel Hayes, Ann Haber, Marcela Del Campo, Anthony Wright, Abey Malawi, Charles Holley, 2020

Found Materials Installation

Original $5,300.00

Hundreds of soda pop tabs, odds and ends of plastic jewelry, cardboard circles, guitars, and a mannequin, unrelated and random objects upon first glance. However, woven together in hues of blue, white, and aquamarine these seemingly unrelated objects combine to create a recycled paradise inspired by sunken treasure and the waves of the ocean. This installation piece encompasses the viewer in a surreal environment beginning above with delicate, graceful chandeliers undulating towards the floor composed of yarn, string, soda pop tabs, and painted circles. The chandeliers hover above a female form - a mannequin wrapped in hand dyed silk, netting, and golden jewelry. She is flanked by 2 floating guitars, painted organically in hues of blue, white, and green.


****Print image to be determined after exhibtion opening****

A Recycled Treasure Installation by CECA Resident Artists & Aneesa Shami