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What happened 2020?!? This was supposed to be a year of seeing things, clearly, right? New perspectives and starting fresh at the beginning of a new decade...

Now, it may not have been the vision we were expecting to see but without a doubt 2020 changed us. This year was abrupt and intense. 2020 opened our eyes to both the light and dark in people. The pandemic began, we had to abruptly change our daily routines, and adjust to a new normal. Families faced unexpected financial hardships, multiple protests were held, a light was shown on the significance of  the Black Lives Matter movement, acers of wild fires impacted many communities, and mental health became a common buzz word.


Who will we be after 2020? What personal changes will we make in 2021? Will we look at others with more love, kindness, and understanding? Will we stand up for injustices and inequalities? Will we speak up? What role will we play in building a more just and equal world? What is the mark we wish to leave behind for future generations? How will we make our mark?

Make Your Mark is a symbolic exhibition about the marks we make represented through the art 

Cheers to 2021!


of mark making. The artwork featured in this exhibition reminds us that every small mark influences a composition. What will our composition look like? We encourage all to reflect on each of these featured marks and think about the marks we make on others and together the marks we make as a community.

A mark is a symbol of the lessons learned and the strength gained. Many marks are essential to create something whole, full and substantial.

Think about the people who have left their mark on you. A friend telling you a story that has forever stuck with you. An experience you shared with a neighbor during the lockdown of March 2020. Or a community coming together to reach a common goal. Mark making is at the core of visual arts and making marks is the root of all change.

Together, we move forward with the events of 2020 in mind; letting go, but not forgetting. Embracing change and growing in strength.

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