Sergio Paniagua

Sergio creates a visual narrative that is inviting and unguarded. Through drawing, painting and collage, Sergio illustrates what is close to his heart. Common subject matter in his work includes portraits of family and friends, pop culture icons such as musicians and professional wrestlers, and cubical, hard-edged abstractions evoking comparisons to maps, architectural blue-prints, and cellular clusters. His choice of color is festive and bright and the forms are joyous and iconic in their simplicity.


The figures in his artwork often assume a talismanic function, creating a bridge between Sergio’s daily routines and the idealized lifestyles of his heroes. In an ongoing series of works based on his favorite heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, Sergio illustrates the group onstage and reinterprets their album covers, posters, and press clippings. Often, he will blur the boundaries of fandom and his own life by injecting renderings of himself and loved ones into the compositions, in effect taking ownership of the narrative and claiming rock stardom for himself and his friends.


Sergio Paniagua was born in 1978 in Mexico and immigrated to the US in 1989. He currently lives in San Bernardino.