Through his drawings and paintings, Carlos Arredondo creates a visual reference to the rhythms of his interior life. Utilizing bold colors and strong linear brushwork, Arredondo expresses his abiding connection with the ocean and the fanciful creatures he imagines inhabiting it.  His works achieve a tonal and geometric balance inspired by his unique insights into the natural world as well as art-historical movements such as Cubism and Pop Art. With a strong sense of visual rhythm, Arredondo melds artistic influences from Modernist masters such as Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso with a developed eye for the patterns, angles, and colors of his hometown Los Angeles streetscapes. His paintings are executed with careful precision in a slow, draftsman-like fashion, and his use of bright colors and heavy lines mirrors his thoughtful, thorough nature.


Carlos Arredondo lives and works in Los Angeles. 

Carlos arredondo artwork